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If I set up a traditional project that requires an invitation to become a member, what should I do to include the person requesting it? I’m not sure about how its work, neither if some project curators too. see: https://inaturalist.ca/projects/pistage-quebec/join.
They accepted me by private message, but i’m not in…

Thank you.

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(Sorry for the very late reply on this topic, I’ve been going through topics with no replies.)

There is a specific “invite” page on traditional projects that are set to invite-only.

The project admin/curators would need to add your username on the invite page.

When I sent that invite to my test account, it immediately sent me this email at the test account:

And created a dashboard notification:

When I clicked “Join this project” in the email, it brought me to this page:

Clicking “Yes, I want to join” successfully added me to the project.

In short, to request an invite, I would request they go to https://inaturalist.ca/projects/pistage-quebec/invite and enter in your username there.

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