About tab on a species complex needs more info

The Info page for https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/1046020-Anania-coronata doesn’t list which species are included. How to I ask for that info to be added, please?
One of the species is only found in Europe (A. coronata); three other species are found only in North America. I need to be sure the species in my area are included before using it to ID them.
Also, why aren’t species always included in the name in parentheses, please? For example, " Elderberry and Crowned Pearls (Complex Anania coronata/tertialis/plectilis/tennesseensis).
I have never used flags and didn’t know if flagging for curation allowed a comment to be added?

The species are listed on the taxonomy tab on the taxon page, and if you click the drop down arrow on the species name in the “breadcrumbs” at the top of the page.


Taxonomy tab:


As for the other questions: I assume they don’t list them in parenthesis because some complexes may be quite large, but that’s just speculation on my part.

Yes, flagging for curation does allow comments to be added.

Excellent, that is what I was looking for!

Thank you on both counts.

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If you are looking for the information to be included in the “About” tab, that requires a Wikipedia edit, which flagging will not generally get our curators to do. A few of us are also Wikipedia editors, but most are not.


Sorry, how is Wikipedia content connected to iNaturalist, please? I rarely use it with my Lepidoptera research, so this is new to me. Thanks

If you go to any taxon page in iNat, there is an About tab.
More info for the many of us who don’t have a field guide for that there.
Wiki is not perfect, but I know that iNatters work to improve it.

The About for Cook Island Pine has a link to the scientific research - why do they lean?

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You can mark it as the solution.

We automatically (usually - some exceptions) draw the corresponding page from Wikipedia, if there is one, into iNaturalist to populate the About page.

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There’s also instances that are not wikipedia edits, but pointing to the wrong place.

Eg. I remember one for a taxon (genus-level?) that linked to a city of the same name, and one that linked to info on the Sephora chain of beauty stores.

I think I flagged taxon on those, because the wikipedia articles themselves didn’t need to be edited (they were correct); just the iNat taxon’s about tab needed to be associated to a different wikipedia artcle

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Wiki’s disambiguation. I flagged one for a plant Cyclopia - which was linked to garstigly medical drawings of birth defects (one eye)


Yep, that’s the term!

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