Academic request for Armoracia genus plants

Hello everyone, I am a postdoc from Zhejiang University, I am doing research on Armoracia genus plants, and I want to find two kind of Armoracia genus plants ( Armoracia macrocarpa, Armoracia sisymbrioides). There were some records about them in the iNaturalist website: 由 Karpovich Max 于 2023年06月08日 07:27 下午 在 2-й Микрорайон улица, Чульман, Саха, RU 所记录的 Armoracia sisymbrioides · iNaturalist for Armoracia sisymbrioides, and Armoracia macrocarpa in 四月 2023 by berrynguyen · iNaturalist for Armoracia macrocarpa, respectively. How I can contact the authors for academic cooperation, thank you very much!

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welcome to the forum.

If you want further information from users, you can either

  1. Leave a comment directly on those observations
  2. Send the observers a personal message

I will note though that both of those observations you linked were uploaded via the iPhone app, so if those users only use the app, they won’t see your messages (personal message function doesn’t exist currently for the iPhone app), so option 1 would be best for now


okay, I will try, thank you very much! :grinning:

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Hi, there was a problem occurred when I registered the inaturalist account. It seems that the account of inaturalist APP is different from the inatualist Forum.

yes, you need to create a separate account (but ideally you should use the same username)

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okay, I tried to creat a separate account, but it failed to register. The button for register is not availble, I am confused about it.

Did you fill out your email? That field is blank in your screenshot

yes, I also filled my email

There’s already an existing account on iNat with the username lizp, you’ll need to pick something else

thanks for your reply, when I tried to change a new name, it still not work.

‘Inature’ is also already taken

hi, I tried several different username, but all failed. I think maybe some error with the register system. Is there any possibility of my region

finally, the problem solved when I download the iNaturalist APP on App Store, and sign up on the APP successully.
Thank for your patient and helpful advise.


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