Acceptability of deleting single point places

Just curious what other curators think of the acceptability of removing single point places (these are places defined as a single gps point reference).

There are a lot of them in the database, they serve no purpose, they can’t collect records unless they are an exact gps match, they cant do a checklist, they add overhead and confusion for users who may select them for queries, entry etc.


I hate them, but my solution so far has been to find a boundary for the place and merge that with the point. That’s sometimes a lot of effort (or impossible) though…

i want to do this also but if i recall correctly i was asked not to. My preference would be for the iNat devs to just delete them all at once.

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If checklists had been added to that single point place, would they be lost?

You can’t add a checklist to a single point place, it is not supported.

I’m personally all for it, although I received some pushback a few years ago when I suggested we remove all of them…

Reading through that thread, the pushback didn’t sound very strong to me. I say get rid of all the ones that don’t have any existing dependencies (projects, checklists, etc.), and don’t allow creation of any new ones.


I fixed the point place checklists that @kueda listed on github in May 2018. Unless more were added since then (maybe that can be checked?), there shouldn’t be any point places with checklists.

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Am I misunderstanding? This one seems to have a checklist that can be added to.
Not too much of a checklist on this one ( all things considered :wink: ) :

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What will be left after the next great mass extinction?

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I wanted to let users flag 'em, so curators/admins could decide whether to delete them or not.