No check lists allowed, but place still has check list

I created a place and I think I imported a list of plants and their establishment means at some point. Unfortunately I think the row of data must have been shifted or something because I have noticed many incorrectly listed as native or non-native.

I unchecked the “Check lists allowed?” in the place settings, but it still has a check list (weeks later). When I try to edit the check list in order to try to delete it, I get an error that says “You can’t do that for the default check list of a place!”

Is there a workaround other than manually deleting every taxon? (oof)
Otherwise, shouldn’t “Check lists allowed?” being unchecked delete the existing check list?
And shouldn’t I be able to edit the check list of a place I created?

Looks like this has been fixed - the checklist of a place that disallows checklists can be deleted.