Can I delete a place off of my observation

I added several sensitive observations, including endangered species, and obscured the coordinates. Only to find that a single observation shows up in as many as 20 different “community curated places”, some of which are so small as you pretty much show exactly where the creature was found. I would much prefer that only the county was shown. Is there any way to block all these places from being displayed on the observation?


Does it also show those places when you’re viewing it while logged out?


Okay, it doesn’t show the smallest ones directly on the observation when I’m logged out (still shows 27 places!), but it shows my observations in the observation list for even those places still. Strangely, when I go to those places I can see my observations in the observation list even when I’m logged out, but not in the species list.


@jonhakim If your comfortable with this, can you please send an example or two to It’s difficult to know if things are working as designed or not without specific details.


Sure, will do.

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