Access pinned locations on the Batch Edit screen

Posting on behalf of @AlainHogue, who asked me to do so to prevent any mistranslations.

The request is to allow users to access their pinned locations when using the Batch Edit screen, for users who are refining and correcting the locations of older observations.

Fabulous suggestion and I would find it useful.

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This would also be very useful when importing photos from elsewhere, e.g. Flickr. You can’t access pinned locations when doing that either. I have hundreds of observations recorded in my Flickr account, and it is very cumbersome to have to constantly relocate locations after importing, so I haven’t done it with respect to many of them yet.

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Additional suggestion.

To change the location of a photo, I have to click on “Modifier” (screen 1), then on “modifier” again (screen 2). Then I have to manually enter the new coordinates (screen 3).

On “screen 3”, it would be very useful to be able to choose from my existing pined locations instead of having to manually enter the new coordinates.