Accidently deleted China Check List

I think I accidently delete China Check List…Is there any ways to recover it?

How was it even possible for you to accidentally do that?


suddenly, China is not available anymore for geographical distribution. What happened?

(Sichuan, Yunnan, etc … or Taiwan, Hongkong are still there as before)

We restored it from our backup, which was made this past Friday night (US time), so changes made since that backup may not be reflected in what’s currently on iNaturalist. Please report any issues you see here.


In an effort to not accidentally do something like this myself, how did this happen?


Just to answer the question directly: email as soon as possible. If we hadn’t been alerted to this until after Friday, it would have been much more difficult or potentially not possible to restore.

Curators will see an “Edit” button for place checklists. If they click on that and go to the Edit page, there’s a delete button at the bottom. I assume that’s what happened here.


Thank you so much! I was trying to label Solidago canadensis as an invasive species in China but clicked the wrong thing


Thank you so much!!!

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