Place checklist not showing

I’ve just created my first place from a kml ( and it seems to work fine as far as the observations and people are concerned, but there are no species listed. Is there something I need to do specifically to get the checklist of species to show (I have ticked the “Allow checklists box”)? Many thanks in advance.

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Likely it will get updated after some time.

Ah OK… I had assumed it would be immediate, just me being over enthusiastic as usual. Thanks for the lightning quick response :blush:

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My enthusiasm was short lived. After about an hour, the species list did show up, with the correct number of confirmations. But when I checked again a short while later, it had disappeared again never to return. I have cleared my cache and tried on a couple of different browsers… no idea what else to try. Any ideas?

Have no idea, but lists can be buggy, if you really wish to use it, it’s always better to edit them manually, or just start a project for that place.

The list is still not showing so I’ll be looking into other ways to achieve what I need… such as a project. Thanks again for your speedy response.

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As the yellow warning on the create a place page says, adding a new place is one of the most taxing things you can do to iNat’s infrastructure. Therefore it’s pretty controlled and new places get put in a queue for reindexing so that place creation doesn’t bog down the site for everyone else. Please be patient.


Understood :-). I’ll be patient, and thanks for the explanation

Thanks for bringing it to my attention… but there are only a small number of the many species observed in the area. Perhaps it just needs more time?

I reloaded the list and it’s looking a lot more filled out now. Possible the outage of the weekend messed it up.

Yes indeed it does :-). Looks like it just needed time.

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