Accounts to follow based on regional geographies for me and my students

Hi All, I’m a HS science teacher and plan to use inat this year with my students. How can i filter and select people to follow for me and my students based on local geographies? We are based in Central TX. Would love to give a recommendation for each type of animal/plant and then connect to other inats outside of our region but who make similar observations as the animals migrate. Does this site have any kind of filter feature for observations and inats?

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You can filter obs for geography you need on the main page, there you also can open the tab of “observers” and choose people you’d like to follow.


There’s also a few projects that cover Central Texas. You can look at observations in those and pick some people to follow.

Edward’s Plateau Naturalist is one, although that doesn’t cover all of Central Texas.


@daly_science If you use the website and click on Explore you can start filtering for observations in your region then click on the Observers and Identifiers tabs to see lists of the top users there. Same thing for taxa, etc. Here’s an introduction to that page:


If you’re specifically interested in following animals as they migrate, it’s probably easier to subscribe to the species you’re interested in, rather than trying to find specific people in other regions who observe the same species. You can subscribe to a taxon with the blue button under “Subscriptions” on the right-hand side of the web dashboard.

Also be sure to check out the teacher’s guide to iNaturalist:’s+guide

Good luck with your class project!