Add a flashlight to Seek app

In seek, you cannot take photos in the night unless you have a source of light. You should be able to turn on a flashlight to actually see night creatures.

Don’t phones already have flashlights built in?

Certainly every smartphone I have ever owned, it’s very easy to turn on the built-in flashlight for use as a torch without any need for an app. But if there are phones where this isn’t possible for some reason then I agree it could be a handy feature to have a button to do so in the app.

I am not familiar with iPhones but on Android-based phones there are many ways to turn on the torch. You can access it by pulling down the quick settings menu from the top of the screen. Or you can say “OK Google, turn on the flashlight” to Google voice assistant. On some models, turning on the flashlight is linked as a shortcut to a particular gesture or shake movement.

You can’t use the stock flashlight when the Seek camera is in use on Android or iOS.


Yeah, in iPhones opening the camera app automatically turns off the flashlight, so if you need lighting you have to then turn on your flash. No idea how this trickles down to Seek’s use of the camera app.


Well if Seek uses the camera, then there wouldn’t seem to be any way to circumvent it turning off the flashlight through the app… It’s just the hardware, no?

Oh I see. In camera view, sure, that would be the case. And that’s not something the app could prevent, I don’t think. Once camera view opens, the phone’s core hardware disables torch so that camera flash can ‘fire’ if necessary – since they are the same light.

Headlamps are a good way to go about doing this. :)


You cannot turn it on while another camera app is open

Yes, that was explained to me by @tristanmcknight.

This would be good for low light situations during the day, too. There are times when I use my flash for mushrooms because they are in shaded areas of the forest.

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I would assume that there are ways for the app to “circumvent” this given that almost every other app I have that uses that camera has a flash and some of them (Adobe Lightroom as an example) even have a torch light setting. I can’t see why a flash and or torch couldn’t be implemented in Seek as well.