Add dark theme for mobile apps

Should be pretty self-explanatory. Would love to see a dark theme mode for the mobile apps. Especially helpful for night usage.

I previously didn’t approve a request for functionaltiy last year, but I think I was too hasty, I’m sorry about that. But I will note that after talking about this with our developers it would require a lot of work both auditing our code and desgining and testing a dark mode that would work well. So while we think it would be great to have the mobile apps support dark mode, it would probably be some time before that’s actually a reality.


I’d like darkmode on the website too.


@amy_d there was a previous request for the web site that did not move forward at the time:

See the discussion there for why, and also for a possible work-around in the form of a browser extension that you might like to try.


I use this plugin for Chrome on websites. Has saved my eyes considerable strain.

But this is a separate request for the mobile apps because we can’t change that and just about every app has it now. Save our eyes please!


I will throw in that a looooooooooooooooot of autistic and other people who process sensory information differently prefer (or need) dark modes. I don’t think it’s urgent for iNat that is usually used outside in the day time, but i’d definitely use dark mode if it existed. Might be easier to see in the sun too?


Dark mode isn’t just useful for nighttime, it’s also useful for low-light indoor conditions and it alleviates exposure to blue light, which is harmful for the eyes. I’ve long thought about suggesting dark mode for iNaturalist and it’s good to see someone already has.


I use darkmode on nearly all of my apps now. Just overall reduces eye strain. There’s no reason we need to be looking at bright, synthetic light sources.
I do find google maps much easier to use with dark mode in the daytime (unfortunately the “Android Auto” mode switches it back to white though).
I can’t read outside in the day unless apps are dark mode. White bg with thin txt just becomes too little contrast.


Hey as long as it’s on the roadmap I’m happy. We’ve been adding dark mode to many of our apps so I understand the challenge.


I’m using an add-on in Firefox that darkens all websites I set for dark mode. It also allows for shading. I find that not only useful, but downright necessary on certain days when I read a lot and my eyes hurt.


AND it saves battery.


Only if one has an OLED screen. Most screens are LCD.

as an autistic, i definitely need dark modes in order for my eyes to not hurt when using an app. most of the time when im using inat i’m outside where the ambient lighting is much brighter than the app itself so its less of a problem then, but it makes using the app indoors or at night unpleasant at best or impossible at worst.


We recently got head torches and have been out looking at nature with the red filter on, but unfortunately the white screen of the iNat app fries my night vision every time I log something. Would be amazing with a dark mode :)