Toggle off Seek "Remember" warning

Hi Everyone…I’m new here and hope you’ll forgive any breach of decorum. I did search previous posts to see if the following issue about the Seek app has been raised before, but found nothing. I’d really appreciate being able to toggle off the “Remember” warning that pops up every time I turn the camera on (always be aware of your surroundings, etc.). I got the message the first time, and I find that having to accept this screen has caused me to miss capturing a few moments. It would be nice if there were a way to toggle this off in the apps preferences. My car does this to me too, but I’m guessing you all can’t fix that :)

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With apps that use augmented reality, one has to display warnings like this. We might be able to restrict it to the loading screen of the app rather than the camera, though. But I don’t believe a “Remember” option is possible.

Thanks for the quick response, tiwane!

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Thanks! Good to be here. I’m learning quickly about all the mistakes I’m making :/
Hoping to be a better participant moving forward.

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I should clarify that we have to have a warning if we want it to be listed as a kid-safe app which uses augmented reality. And we do want that rating for the app.

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