Add Annotate: Life Stage: Egg to Kingdom:Animal

Request: In annotations, add Life Stage = Egg for Animal Kingdom

Context: Eggs, especially gastropod and insect eggs, can be difficult to identify even within the correct Class.

Why this request/change would be helpful:

  • Being able to annotate to egg at the Animal level will help these observations get found and identified.
  • Annotation will not get deleted in the course of discovering the species.

Current Problems:

  • An observer might often know something is an egg, even if they have no idea what species it is from. But they can’t annotate to egg until the species is ID’d farther than Animal.
  • If a second user disagrees and the Community ID goes back to Animals (Kingdom), and the Annotation for Life Stage: Egg is deleted. example:

How could this feature request mess anything up:

  • Technically people could annotate things as eggs that are not eggs… But other users can disagree and fix this oversight. It doesn’t seem like something that would happen often(?)

Thanks for considering this!

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