Add "Annotations" tab on profile page

I’d love a way to view the observations I’ve annotated, preferably in the way that identifications are displayed on the profile pages:
Screenshot 2021-07-23 at 01-41-13 thatcactusgirl's Profile · iNaturalist

I’ve been doing a lot of annotating recently, and there’s currently no way for me to see my progress other than the taxon pages of the taxa I’ve been working on (i.e. the “no annotation” graphs decreasing). I think being able to see one’s contributions would make more people motivated to annotate observations. I also think that being able to go back through your annotations and double check them would be very helpful.

This button wouldn’t necessarily need to lead to its own original page like the Identifications button. I think leading to the Explore page with some new “annotated by” URL filters would be perfect. Sort of like the URL searches for identifications, ident_user_id and without_ident_user_id. Something like annot_user_id and without_annot_user_id.

Don’t forget that you need to vote on your own feature request.