Add Projects to Annotations tab of Identify modal

I love the Identify modal and find that I rarely need to go to the observation page because it has almost everything I frequently use built in. However it doesn’t have the ability to add to Projects, which seems like it would be simple to put in.

I agree, this would be a nice addition. Having to click through into individual observation pages to add to projects is a pain, and I used to spend hours doing this. Fortunately that project now relies on annotation, but I certainly would have appreciated this functionality in the past.

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Also voicing support for adding this option, would be very helpful.


@emmabuch if you support this, you should vote for it. There is a blue “Vote” box at the top of the topic.

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Thanks! I hadn’t figured that out yet when I made the comment. Done. :)

Made an issue for this.


Any news of adding this feature? 10 votes sounds pretty good to me. :wink:


I think it would be very interesting if you could add this option. We have a project interested in insects, for us it is important to share notes about their biology and ecology, one way to do this could be through the journals and project, such as the individual ones, but at the project level

If this is going to be done, I assume it would be limited to the old style projects, not collection projects.

Were collection projects included in the ability to ‘add’ I would see it as a source of great confusion as you cant actually do that, and then users looking at the observation and not seeing the badge because the user has not joined the project followed by the inevitable flags and posts about it not working.

Edit - ok so that is in the feature request on github, maybe should have read that first…

Hello! I wanted to request this feature, and found this thread. Saw the github issue as well. Has it not been done yet?

PS - 14 votes now. Good enough, right? :sunglasses:

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Rhetorical question? :) The github issue and this feature request will be marked closed if/when it’s implemented.

Oh, not a rhetorical question, I clearly haven’t used this section of the forum often enough. Sorry! :)

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Haha no problem - hard to tell over the internet sometimes. :)

This would be so handy as I go through State of matter Life IDs. It would be great to add to projects such as those dealing with Algae, Microbes, and other projects that bring together ambiguous organisms that get confused for other organisms by the novice and modestly experienced naturalist.


I would love to have this feature! (37 votes there now.)

Any progress or anything?

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Any progress or anything?

41 votes now. Is there a timeline for "reactïons in github?

I presume that this request would also display existing projects

I’ve added the issue to our prioritization project on GH for web features.

I’m not sure what this means?

OK, it’s been implemented. See


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