Add seasonality display options that allow ignoring missing annotations

One problem with annotations is that a lot of people don’t fill them out (partially because it is difficult to do, see this request). This means that in most cases, the seasonality charts for any given annotation are dominated by “no annotation”, e.g. this chart of goldfinch sex in the Northeastern US:


As a fairly novice birder, I like to use the seasonality diagrams as a gut check to try and estimate things like the breeding cycle of new birds I’ve encountered (is this a juvenile? is that a female mallard or a male outside of breeding season?), but it’s very difficult when the data is dominated by “no annotation”. It would be nice to have a checkbox for removing the “no annotation” chart.

Hi, welcome to the iNat Forum! Funny enough this one was also on my draft list of features to request. :)


Just to make sure I understand…in the diagram above, you’d prefer that the y-axis were calibrated 0 to 500 (instead of 0 to 3000), right?


Great idea! Rather than having the option to completely remove the graph showing observations with no annotations, it would be nice to have an option to re-scale it to the maximum shown in the other graphs. For instance, if the curve showing adults has its max at 475 individuals, it would be nice to re-scale the observations with no annotations to that maximum.

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Yes. I agree with @jakob that the ability to re-scale to ignore “no annotations” in the seasonality diagram would also serve this purpose.

OK, this has been implemented, just click on the gear icon to turn off “No Annotations”, eg



Many thanks, team!

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