Make dark theme for iNaturalist site


Most big websites allow you display content with a dark theme (e.g. gmail, youtube, this forum). Can iNat make a dark theme option?
For an idea of what this looks like, I’ve used a chrome extension called dark reader, but native support would be nicer.



Wow, just trying out Dark Reader now and it’s working pretty well. I don’t think iNat will be redesigning the site any time soon, but when we do it’s possible we can address this. Curious, are there any glaring issues when using Dark Reader?

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Glaring? I don’t think there are any. There are a few minor things:

I also remembered that I was going to add a couple more reasons for this request. Dark modes use less energy on some types of screens. And specific to iNat, I often find that some photos are really dark, and the contrast between the bright background and the dark photo makes it even harder to see the photo.