Add Date Included in CV Model to Taxon Page

Any taxon page, the About tab

For the ones included in the latest (monthly) blog post I can remember that it is shiny and new. But IDing much older obs it would be useful to know Chosen species was still Pending then.

When a taxon is ‘Included in CV’ write the month and year that it was included.
Included in January 2023 Plenty of space for 2 more words in the green box. And the info must be recorded behind the scenes?
And how about the 450 taxa which got lost in model 2.1?
Excluded in january 2023?

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Because I am going from Unknown or Needs ID, rather than from a known taxon, I haven’t come up against that.
But, yes, if that information would be useful to you.
Month and year, with Pending or Included, where there is some CV history.

I talked with our developers and they said that this is not possible, due to dates not being stored for the taxa, and complications that arise with things like taxon changes. So I’m going to close this request.