CV model included flag bug?


I got some weird behaviour when I just wanted to check whether taxa are included in the CV model!

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I tried to write a script that checks, whether specific taxa are included in the iNaturalist CV model.
I sent and API GET request to and the response indicated the taxon was not included in the CV model. I thought this had to be an error and visited the taxon website on Firefox. There, I confirmed the taxon was not included. I copied the url and sent it to a collegue, because it seemed very odd to me that such a common taxon should be missing in the CV model. However, he got another result. When I went back to the web page, I now also found the “included” flag, instead of “pending”. Fortunately, I have screenshots of both situations.

What is going on here??

Edit: I re-visited the website and the taxon is on “pending”, again. It appears to switch randomly(?)


I never filed a bug report, but I noticed this almost 2 years ago. Screenshot from back then:

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This behaviour is very strange and, obviously, it makes the CV model status entirely useless if there is a 50 % chance to get a wrong status displayed…


Atropa bella-donna was renamed last week: and I think the inclusion in the CV model was removed.
It will be probably be back in the next updated CV model.

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Hm, but it was on and off several times in one day? (It is also on again, at the moment.) Anyways, I hope this was an exceptional case. Else, somebody should probably look into this and fix the issue…

I think that the CV model was removed when the taxon was renamed. And it came back afterwards. You just happen to be looking at the moment it was moved.