Display taxa above species-level included in the latest CV model

I think it is not possible to retrieve a list or just check whether a target taxon above species-level is included in the current CV model. This is only possible for species using the “about” tab where there is a badge indicating inclusion into CV training dataset. I found few places where this feature request was voiced or the absence of badge for above-species level taxons mentioned, e.g.:
but it came without explanation why the badge is not shown for above-species taxons and there is no feature request post for this. Such feature could help to identify the gaps in training data for CV and could even motivate users to fill such gaps by directing observation effort on some of the generally overlooked large taxonomic groups.

UPDATE after discussion during approval of the feature request:

Alex Shepard is explaining (discussion here: https://www.inaturalist.org/blog/54236-new-computer-vision-model) that a potential problem with such badges is that it could be interpreted in multiple ways with respect to if the taxon or its children taxa are in the CV training data or not. I suggest a broad criteria for awarding a badge. Specifically for above-species taxa, this could be explained by a small reminder: “This taxon or at least one of it’s lower taxa (child taxon) has been included in CV training”. The reasoning for such broad definition is that although presence of a badge can mean multiple things, absence of the badge is quite straightforward indication that a badgeless taxon is not represented at all in the CV training data. If such info is easily accessible in the form of presence/absence of a badge, it could stimulate some gap-filling action by the community.

I asked to have the ‘date included in CV’ added to the badge, but that was turned down. We are limited to Pending or - yes it is included. I do target gap filling for species.