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Step 1: open any iNaturalist page with the profile dropdown menu in the upper right corner while logged in

Step 2: hover over the dropdown menu trigger (your profile pic)

Step 3: move your cursor towards the word “Dashboard” in the dropdown list

result: the menu closes as soon as your cursor moves into the tiny space between the trigger and the menu itself

desired result: implement a delay in the realm of 200-500ms in order to account for this tiny space and to allow for the natural tendency to click on the term that represents the link.

I do this constantly and it is very annoying and tedious. It requires too much precision for folks like me who have less muscular coordination. A slight delay would fix this entirely, I believe, with no possibility of detrimental effects.

This seems like it might be specific to the browser? I can’t reproduce on either latest Safari or latest Firefox on Mac – no matter how slowly and precisely I move the cursor down from the profile pic to the “Dashboard” menu item, the menu never disappears. So maybe this is some layout issue caused by unusual HTML rendering in Firefox Portable? (Or maybe I’m just lucky with the two browsers I tried?)


I’ve had this too, if I go a bit too much to the left as opposed to straight down it disappears. (MacBook with Safari) It doesn’t take much to happen and I do it frequently so it tends to get annoying- possibly the space that your cursor has to be in before the menu disappears can be adjusted. I think the delay would work for me also.

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I’ve never had any issue with this. Are you working on a very small screen?


I see now that step 3 is the key: moving “towards the word ‘Dashboard’”. I was moving straight down from the profile pic, which seems fine. But if you move diagonally to the left, towards the actual text of the word ‘Dashboard’, the mouse crosses over some dead space above the menu and that causes the menu to disappear.

So for any individual the problem can be avoided pretty easily by getting in the habit of moving straight down, but for a lot of people it might seem more natural to move towards the word, thus triggering the problem. Adding a delay does seem like a reasonable way to address this.


personally, i think the menus along the top navigation bar should expand and close based on a click or tap, not based on hover. this is the way the notifications and messages menus work, and it’s a friendlier approach for touchscreens.


Exactly, more annoying than anything- I’m using the scroll pad and a 13" laptop, sometimes I do go sideways. I need more brain training! :grin: I like pisum’s idea too.

Good point about the touchscreens!

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That same touchscreen unfriendly glitch applies to clicking markers on maps.
Zoom zoom zoom until I can hit the active spot.

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Since the dropdown is working as intended, I’ve moved the topic over to #feature-requests.