Clicking on profile photo on top right refreshes screen and loads the home page

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Step 1: It is a minor bug that started yesterday (17 Nov). I’m using the website on Chrome, on Android, as I always do. Usually, clicking on the profile picture on the top right of the home page loads a drop-down list with ‘Dashboard, Edit Observations, Add Observations, Favorites, Journal, Sign Out, etc.’. Since yesterday, this action results in the refreshing of the page (if homepage). If I’m not on the homepage but on another page (say, an observation), clicking on the profile photo on the top right loads the homepage nevertheless.

Step 2: Clicking on the ‘Community’ link on the top of the homepage fails to load the proper drop-down list, but goes directly to the ‘People’ page

Step 3: In short, the description of the bug is that clicking on the profile photo on the top right to get a drop-down list (which is an action I often use) does not work. It loads the home page again, from any page. I’ve restarted my browser and phone, and it’s the same. I don’t know if it might be a website issue.

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On Chrome on Windows 10, mousing over the profile pic shows the drop down arrows and the same for other items (like Community). I feel like maybe I used to have to click, and now the dropdown appears on mouseover? If this is a recent change, maybe the behavior isn’t translating well to mobile.

If I click on the profile pic itself on Chrome, it does reload

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Thanks. If it’s a new change, it certainly doesn’t translate well to mobile phones. It’s not a severe issue because workarounds are available; for example, most of the options are also available outside the drop-down on the top of the page. But certain actions like Sign Out are on the drop-down list. The drop-down only momentarily displays now, when the page reloads. I tried signing out yesterday, and I had to be really quick, blink-‘n’-miss type. Took me eight attempts to put my fingers on the Sign Out link!

The primary disadvantage is that the links on the drop-down now become inaccessible from any other page. One has to return to the home page to view, say, Favorites or Identifications.

I use Samsung Internet and Ecosia, and I have the same bug since as long as I can remember. To display the dropdown, I have to zoom in, and click on the small arrow, instead of on the profil picture. Often, it take a few attempt, because the arrow is very small.

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Thanks. For me, the profile picture and the arrow have always behaved like a single unit (on Android). I would like to report that now I see it’s back to normal. The buggy feature lasted for two days and maybe now it’s been corrected. The ‘Community’ drop-down list is back, too. Many thanks to whoever reverted it to normal.

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