Add "in the last X weeks" etc filter option for projects

Platform(s): website

Description of need: I’m interested in creating a project for my local area, to foster botanical interest, and I think it would be nice to be able to present the species that have been observed recently.

Feature request details: It would be helpful to have the option to add a query/filter for projects, allowing them to capture, e.g., all the plant observations made in a particular area over the past, say, month. Where “over the past month” would automatically update according to the current date.

What do you mean by foster interest? Curious how you envision it would be an improvement on just looking at the homepage/list of observations in a project without a date filter (since it shows recently added observations first by default). Or different from using the Explore page to filter for recently observed observations in a place?

The homepage has some useful attributes here, but it doesn’t have the summary/synthesis tools that I’m interested in. I would like a viewer to be able to see how many species have been seen in, e.g., the past 30 days, etc. I think this would provide a tool to connect those viewers to what is going on, biologically (and also in terms of the activities of the community) in their area. I’m envisioning linking to this project from our herbarium webpage, as part of a broader effort to build and foster a community of local botanists (and other naturalists).