Add "Date Added" range as a requirement option to collection projects

As collection projects are more or less a nice visualization of a filter search, I see it is not possible to ‘lock’ certain projects - so that no further observations can be added.

That is, unless the upload date is employed for this. Would be handy, e.g. for bioblitzes, City Nature Challenges or certain school projects, to have a time window where observations have to be made (= observation date), then an extended period where observations can still be uploaded, if they have the right observation date (= date added), and after that no more addition will be possible.

As this functionality is already there in the ‘Explore’ filter settings, I reckon it should be easy to implement for Collection Projects as well.

As this has also been requested by local CNC organizers, I am bringing this feature request up again:

To prevent additions of backlogged observations to the project, once the time window has passed, a ‘date added’ filter should be a practical solution, or I am wrong?


This would be an extremely useful feature for the City Nature Challenge in particular. I find myself avoiding sharing the actual CNC project page for previous CNCs because the numbers are not correct. We’ve had a lot of complaints from partners about this as well.

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@kueda would this be something that is easy to implement?

Moderately easy, with the caveat that any date filter is going to have problems with time zones.

Didn’t consider the possible issues of different time zones, and I am actually not quite sure where exactly the problems occur - I’d guess the vast majority of those projects with a defined ‘upload window’ will be local and covering smaller areas, where time zones would not be relevant.

Maybe the time zone of the project owner’s settings could be used as default, and a short info text can be displayed to point to possible issues with e.g. larger/global bioblitzes?

@kueda -
So am also trying to make a “History Project” and would like to make a “condition” that the observations should have been added during a certain period.

The idea is to avoid historical observations uploaded by the “observer” earlier.

Is this possible ?? now


No, it is not possible now.


However at a later date it is possible to filter results by date added - would that be correct ??

Maybe, if we ever get around to adding that.