Add label on drop-down menu for species in computer vision training model to give quick overview

As mentioned on the original thread about labelling the CV included species :

It would be nice to have the CV symbols on the drop-down menu as well at some point, for a quick overview of what is or is not included across a whole group. In more speciose genera it will be time-consuming to figure out what is or is not included without this, so a useful addition potentially.


Note : inclusion of the symbols on the taxonomic tree was also mentioned on the blog post by @gancw1

I agree. Put a tiny marker after each non-CV-enabled species, no matter in what menu it appears.

Also, put a larger, clickable icon on the Android app taxon page to explain what the marking means.

Crappy phone-made example:

For larger taxa (genus, family, etc.), add an equivalent marker and taxon page button if a significant number of its species are non-CV-enabled. Color-code it from yellow to red depending on how many of its species have not been trained for.
(This system could even be expanded to warn about taxa with many unobserved species.)

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