How to select to edit observations with missing location accuracy?

I have some observations without a Locality Accuracy (error really) that I want to fix. Is it possible to batch edit them.

One can easily find them:

But it does not appear possible to select them for batch editing in order to fix them.


goes into the ‘other’ observations view from which you can access the batch edit tool.


No Sorry.
The “/tonyrebelo?acc=false” delivers all my observations.
yields 401 observations
gives me 50 pages of 200 observations per page = 10000 observations, which I suspect is an upper limit as it is all my observation post Dec 2019.
Yes, I can edit them, but 97% of them are acc=true

Sorry: I should have been more explicit: that is what I meant by “not possible to select them”.
i.e. using the obs/user option does not cater for/honour the filter option “acc=”

Use the one view that works to see them. Export it to csv with the observation ID into csv and then import to excel or the spreadsheet of your choice.

Concatenate the observationid values into a comma separated string (remember the edit tool only takes 200 so do that at a time) . So you get a string like 1255353,62345,14557575 etc

Copy that concatenated string.

Go back to the view I wrote. Select any random 2 obs and go into batch edit. The url will now contain ?o=ob1,ob2 cut that and replace with the data in memory string from above. Edit away.

Agreed. I missed your post and have given a longer explanation in the topic Updating location accuracy but the process is identical.


I guess I could do that with an API: also for missing projects!
Many thanks.

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