Seek Challenges: list the already observed species

If I am not missing something, in an ongoing challenge one can only see how many species have been added, but not what they were. Would be good to know which ones have already been observed for the challenge.

Want to bring this topic back to attention again.
This challenge is ongoing since September, only one entry is missing. I cannot remember what has already been entered by me. Would be great to be able to click on the 9 observed so far text to open a list of species already found for the project . (Also, I guess it should read bulrushes, not bulbushes :wink:)

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We’re working on some new challenges.

Sorry I’m not adding anything relevant to the topic, but I was curious: iNat has challenges? Where can I find them? (I’m on desktop, not particularly fond of the app)

There’s a separate app called Seek: check the demo video too

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Yes, I agree. That would be a very nice Feature.

It’s on the drawing board. :-)


Thanks for adding this feature!

Thank you! So nice that they are now listed. :)

I recognized something, I am not sure if it is supposed to be like that…

When you start more than one challenge at a time, it seems to be that one observation can get counted for several different challenges.

As normally old observations don’t count for new challenges… it seems to be a way to make challenges easier OR you can get the feeling of observing more than you actually have.

Just wanted to mention, cause it feels somehow wrong…