Add number of photos to thumbnails on Identify page


You show a pic total when exploring observations, but not with the thumbnails of obs needing IDs. This would save some bandwidth. Such as things are now, I have to open the modal (and start downloading full image) to see if there’s more shots. If I know I’m only gonna get to see the one pic, I might not bother clicking on it.


ditto Grid view in the Explore page


I was about to make the same suggestion when I found this post. I think it would be really useful for finding observations that have photos of multiple species. If the first photo is easily recognizable, I’m liable to leave an ID that doesn’t reflect the other photos, meaning the wrong photos get research grade. I made a mock-up of the idea before I saw this one.


This would definitely be helpful, especially for slowing down Agrees based on the top photo.

A nice bell/whistle would be to pop up a grid of up to the first 12 thumbnails when the number is clicked. That could speed review and potential “Agree” without needing to dig deeper. But I understand that could be a technical bridge too far.


It would be nice if maybe hovering over the number for about half a second causes all the photos to display, and just moving your mouse away lets you see all the other observations again.


awwww yiss, thanks @kueda!


Thanks you! I’m glad to see this feature added : ).


Thanks @kueda!! Any chance it’s a simple addition to do the same for comments?


this is great! thanks for adding this. :+1::muscle:


Thank you. Looks great! Very nicely/tastefully executed.


These have been added to Explore as well. Shall I close this?


Nicely done! comments and/or “has a description”, even if it’s just a graphic without a count, would be good!

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@tiwane - if you’re asking me, you have added the feature I requested/suggested, so I’d say its close-able. That said, a couple of people are asking about a similar little indicator for presence of comments. Your call.


so at least the identifier knows that there may be an organism specified (in cases of insect on flower, which butterfly specified if 2 are close together, etc.)

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I dislike the way ID photos are now presented

We might futz with the design a bit, so I’ll leave this open for now in case anyone has feedback.

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I added something like this. Basically hovering over the observation grid cell shows the first 4 photos. Gives you a bit of a preview of the other photos look like. Also redid the photo count after talking with Abhas (our designer). He was out the day I added the first version.


is this fully deployed already? when i hover over the Identify grid, i see the 4 photos, but i don’t see it in the Explore grid view. i see that the # of photos indicator has changed in both Identify and Explore. (it looks funny on Edge, but it may not matter once everything shifts to Chromium, which seems to show the indicator fine.) i sort of like the original indicator a little more, but i can get used to the new indicator.


I see you added this today! Nice design work!


Probably not going to add it to Explore. Explore uses an older frontend framework (Angular) and it’s really annoying to work with. At some point we’re going to bring it inline with the rest of our React-based stuff, so it’ll be easier to share functionality like this. That said, I’m not convinced the annoyance of the rollover previews are outweighed by their utility in Explore as they are on Identify.

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ok. fair enough. i was just thinking of consistency, but if they’re different architecturally, and you’re going to rework the Explore page anyway, then inconsistency makes sense.

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