Add observation season trends to the project stats page

I think that the project stats page could use a little more detail. I don’t think it needs quite as much detail as the site stats, but I think that at least displaying observation trends by season and such would be very useful for groups with specific purposes, like foraging.

I like it. Don’t forget to vote for your own feature request!

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i think the site stats page has interesting information, but i think most of this kind of data would not actually be that useful for a typical project.

you noted as an example that a foraging group might benefit from observation trends. here are some different variants of observation trends for an edible mushrooms project:

what could you actually do with any of these trends? i personally can’t envision how a member of such a project might use this kind of information for any practical purpose. maybe this tells you that people are observing edible mushrooms more August through October, but how would you apply that information?

on the taxon pages (ex., there already are seasonality and history graphs, and you can also filter by place there. to me, it seems like taxon+place-level information would be potentially more useful than project-level information for your use case. (something like this might be even more useful for your use case, but i wouldn’t put this kind of functionality on a stats page: .)

that said, assuming some of these stats might be useful generally, i think this request makes sense only if the project stats page gets redesigned to allow user configuration of the kinds of stats that show up on the page. for low-user or low-observation projects, i might not actually want to display very detailed observation trends. or i might not want to see observation trends for a bioblitz project that lasts only a day or a week, and it wouldn’t make sense to track progress for a time-limited project beyond the duration of the project.


So why have a whole page dedicated to project stats when there are only two features, both of which could both fit on the overview page? It seems like untapped potential to me. It always felt unfinished.