Create trends and graphs stats pages and associated widget

Make a page on the website to generate and share trends and graphs from iNat data. Sort of like the awesome year end report last year, but customizable and accessible any time.

Ie. Trend of [total observations] in [location] over time.

Trend of [research grade observations] and [needs ID observations] of [user] over time

Bar or pie chart of [taxon] in [location] at [time]

Pretty much take all the filters we already have and generate graphics.

Second step would be to generate one of those things you can stick on websites and blogs (like little twitter feeds, I don’t know what the technical name is) to show the data. Like if a blogger wants to show her plant observation trend, the sticky would pull the latest data from iNat and show the graph.

i think you can already accomplish a lot of these things just by doing some custom coding using the existing API. i don’t have the energy to work specifically on any of the things you’re describing, but i’ve made things in the past that are similar to what you’re describing, and you’re welcome to adapt the code as you wish.

trends (bar charts and data tables):

no bar or pie charts, but what about a table or sankey diagram?

or a packed circles diagram?

… oh, and you didn’t ask for it, but here’s a quick way to display top observers in a place:

i’ve made other things, too… i forget what they all are, but you can find most of it in the Github repository.

if you search on the forum, you’ll also find things that other people made. for example, observation streaks:

and kueda made this, too: