Add option to include captive observations in seasonality charts

Platform(s): All (although desktop might be most reasonable since it already has a settings cog)

URLs :* (e.g.

Description of need:
It is sometimes helpful to see what the seasonality / seasonal plant phenology is of a garden plant. However, there’s seemingly no way to do this currently, as the seasonality charts exclude all “casual” observations.

Feature request details:
Add an option in the seasonality graph’s settings cog to include captive observations in the graphs. (Maybe they could be represented as a dotted line or something? Or the combined captive + non-captive count could be a dotted line above the solid non-captive line?)

Cultivated plants are not always garden plants. They can be indoors, or in a greenhouse, with heating and lighting, and then the seasonality of these plants is meaningless.


I’ve thought about this too. I think the application is so niche that iNat staff will probably never do it; someone with some skills could make an external tool to display that though. I’ve actually done the same thing with garden plants within areas of the Southeast.

you can do this using iNat’s experimental comparison tool:

my histogram page isn’t as pretty and doesn’t have as nice a user interface, but it gives you the underlying numbers:


Wild plants can also be indoors or in a greenhouse though. You can also have wild plants in odd microclimates that can throw off your charts as well. No datasets are ever going to “perfect”.

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I had no idea this existed, thank you!

And yeah, I recognize that this is relatively niche – I figured it was worth at least requesting, though.


You can vote for the request if you like. The system doesn’t automatically add your vote to it, even if you created it.

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