Bug(?) with Seek - Option to Replace Photo Missing?

Hi, all! I’ve recently experience what I assume is a bug with Seek, in which the option to replace an already discovered species’s photo is mysteriously no longer showing up. I see nothing about changing this in settings, I haven’t updated the app in a time frame that would make sense for it to be the cause, and I don’t remember doing anything on the app that would have caused this. If anyone is able to help me with this, that would be wildly appreciated. Thanks!

Please include specific details, like what was asked for in the original bug reporte template.

  • Seek version number

  • Device type

  • whether you’re making observations with the Seek camera, or importing photos into Seek.

Ah, my apologies! Seek version number is 2.14.3 (252). Device type is an iPhone SE version 14.4.2. And I am making observations with the Seek camera!