Add "Plants Only" or "Non-plants Only" option to Seek before opening camera (iOS)

Hi guys, newbie here to the forum tried searching for this but doesn’t look like it’s there yet.

Request: to add a filter to choose the species as option before the camera auto ID’s.

Reason: trying to capture insects on plants the seek application will always display the plant rather than insect, trying to cancel that photo and go again normally means that insect has flown on before it’s possible.

Hoping the members of this community have a solution for me or that the programers deem that this maybe a worthwhile request to add to the road map for future updates.

Regards. John

Welcome! Don’t forget to vote for your own feature request!

Welcome to the forums

Edited title to make it specific to iOS. Android versions of Seek have this filter.

It can happen in Android when you don’t zoom in enough…
That SEEK trys to catch the plant and you actually go for a tiny insect.

If that happens to me, and it does, I do a photo of the insect and put it in.
Okay, scanning doesn’t work than, of course.

But often I do it that way.

Or… does that mean that there really is a button in the SEEK version for android where I could say:“No plant.”?

And how can I vote for this request?

If you tap on the little filter icon to the left of the shutter button you can cycle through a few filters. For example, here’s what it looks like with the Plants Only filter:

(again, this is only in Android, currently)


Ah cool! - I haven’t noticed that…
Just had a look and found it.

That is very helpful!

Yes, I agree, iOS users should get that feature, too.

Even if I have not tried it while having an insect around, I know that it will be useful. :)

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Is this coming to ios?

That’s the plan, but I can’t provide an estimate as to when it would happen.

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