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Mobile “seek” app, iOS

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I find that I’m holding the app steady for a while waiting for AI to determine at full confidence what the animal or plans is… when it does, the movement to snap a photo seems to degrade the “lock” and I lose the species name and detail.

Feature request details:

Is it possible to add the ability to automatically snap a photo on the Seek App when the determination strength is 100%?

If the app can snap a photo as soon as it’s certain what the object is, then there’s a higher chance to snap, share, build additional interest.

If I was to build it, when the screen shows the inference of species et al and has the shutter-button to take a photo, I would put a lightning bolt or similar icon at the end of the row of pips that show confidence of inference — a basic toggle defaulting to off. If toggled on, and the full confidence is reached on the inference from AI, then full-confidence pip going “lit up” state would trigger the shutter as though I pushed it. Location of the toggle near the full-confidence end of the pips may help imply the role of the toggle without documentation load.

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Hello there,
if you go to “Settings” in the navigation drawer, there is a toggle to turn on “Automaticall take a picture when the identification reaches species.”
Is that what you had in mind?

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