Add pop-up to ask observer if captive/cultivated (for certain species in that area)

I feel I have to clarify that the issue of introduced vs native organisms has very little to do with the one raised by Pablo.
Often plants are also cultivated in the same area where they are native and alien species are already marked .

Concerning cultivated plants, sometimes users answer that they did not notice the box to be checked. More often they just go on posting unflagged cultivated plants as it was the norm here. The pop-up too could intended as a way to make users think if the organism they are goig to post is wild or not. This could also allow other users to understand if there is someone here who has an imprecise idea of what wild and cultivated/captive mean.


Yes, let’s please keep this topic focused on the request at hand, which is adding some sort of pop-up or message to help explain that observations should be marked as captive/cultivated/planted/not wild when appropriate.

For discussions about native/non-native/introduced/invasive/autochthonous/native-to-the-site/remnant/etc, please search for the forum for existing topics to continue. Same for discussions about captive/cultivated that aren’t related to this specific feature request. Thank you!


Just an example well fitting with this issue:
219 observations, mostly of cultivated plants, in 28 minutes. One observation every 7 seconds!


I think this is a good idea.

However I have a related question: why not just allow three options, one for wild, one for capitive/cultivated, and one for unspecified and uncertain, and then have the field default to uncertain?

This way there is zero bad data.

The status quo of assuming wild by default seems to be the problem. Many plant species have their records totally dominated by landscaping plants and it would take DAYS of work to manually correct these. Why design the site in a way that requires users to do extra work to fix a problem?


As mentioned above and in the other topic, this topic is specifically about informing users about marking the existing captive/cultivated box.

Tangential discussions about changes to the existing categories or ways the data are displayed throughout the site will be moved.


I’m speaking for myself, but I don’t think the other discussion is completely irrelevant to this topic. If I get prompted to identify an organism as captive/cultivated and I’m not sure which one is it, I will struggle about chosing either of them, because there are exotic (and local) species that have gone wild inside controlled environments (gardens, parks, streets) and there are “usually” cultivated organisms that have been abandoned and now grow wild.

That’s why I feel that prompting users for a “wild or captive” question might not help, because there are a lot of situations were the answer is a shade of gray instead of black or white. As @cazort mentioned, maybe an “uncertain” option will be helpful to improve quality of data.


not sure which discussion you’re saying is irrelevant (the one blue_celery started is extremely relevant) but here’s this if you want to talk about a third option:


Yeah the issue is that those questions have already been discussed at length and also are subject of continuing discussion, in other threads. So it’s better to continue the conversation there. Otherwise this will get totally Derailed and there will be two threads about the same thing.



So was wondering is as a “reviewer” of an observation is there any way to mark the observation as cultivated.

The only option I see is in the Research Grade Qualification parameters to Check / Uncheck the " “Organism is wild” options.

And second option to let the observer know and request that it be marked a cultivate / not wild.


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That’s the only way to mark it, in DQA section, and it’s marking it as captive.

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on INat it is basically the same answer to the same question - but - iNat changes the wording and the meaning.


Didn’t understand ?

iNat uses Cultivated / Captive to be equivalent to Not Wild.

Similar to the Topic idea, how about a version of it where the taxon name itself showed up with a display message below the name but still in/near the box (not a popup, just a message similar to how “user disagrees” shows)? To say something like “Most nearby observations [of this taxon] are captive/cultivated.” In that way, it’s not asking the user to decide or stating that it should be marked as such.

Closing. I dont think we’ll add a pop-up for this for every observation or ID but will go over wild/not-wild in the planned onboarding we plan to add (not estimate as to when, though).