Adding a new species, how can I know the expert/manager of a group

As I got the first record of a species not in the iNaturalist List, I don’t know how to do to enter it.
Maybe I could contact with some expert or manager, but where is the list of groups and managers ?

Here is it (Hymenopters/symphyta):


In a case like this, you can search for the full species name, click “View All”, and then search (under “Taxa”) in Catalogue of Life and Encyclopedia of Life. This name was found in the latter, and has now been imported automatically into the iNat taxonomic database. You don’t need to be a curator to do this.

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Thanks Deboas, the first time it seemed it wasn’t.


If it doesn’t come up as an import option, and checking spelling is right (hey, it happens!), you can raise a flag on the parent taxa (eg genus) to have the new species added, and a curator will wither add it or forward to the appropriate person. It does help to include relevant links to literature etc in the flag, so that the curator doesn’t need to spend too much time hunting for it!


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