How do I add a specific park to my project location?

Hi! Does anyone know how to add a specific place (a local park) to the project location?

I saw in a different post that I needed to make a KML file for the location which I did, but I do not know where to upload it so that it frames my project. Thanks for your help!

Go to More–>Places–>add a new place. Name your place and upload the kml file. Remember the name you gave the place. Now go to Community → Project, search for your project, and “edit project.” Provide the name of the place file you just made.

One note – you can’t just add something to a place file. You’ll have to replace the file with a new kml that has all the boundaries of all the parts of your place.

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Thank you! I realized that I cannot do this until I have 50 observations. Working on collecting those today.

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