Unable to create New Place

Not sure if this is a bug or just user error, but

I am unable to create a new place when entering a new project.

I select the ‘create a new place’ button, but then it just dumps me right back to the page I was previously on (regardless of what page I was previously on).

Was trying to create a new place of: Landmark Park, Dothan, Alabama
(in case anyone can help me out with this).

Thanks, mvt-

I think you need to upload 50 verifiable observations for that.

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Marina is correct. You should have seen an error message to that effect.


Thanks for the quick responses.
I do not have 50 observations on record, so that’s probably it.
But I didn’t receive any kind of error message.
Just put me back to the place II was previous to trying to enter.

Kind of silly that you can add a project, but can’t add a place where the project is to take place.

Again, thanks for the quick and concise response from you both.

For what it’s worth, here’s our blog post explaining these requirements.