Adding an observation to a project

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Step 1: I have created a project, by adding the kml file of google earth in the project. I have all taxa included.

Step 2: I went to record an observation and see if it works. But it does not included in the project.

Step 3: What do I need to do, so each individual who wants to record species in the area can add them to the project. The name of the project is Louros MSM. Thank you.

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You need to edit the project settings so that you are one of the accepted users

at the moment, you have a filter set up so that only observations from one user (not yourself) will be accepted by the project

If this is what you want, then the best process would be to edit the project, remove the ‘include users’ filter entirely (so get rid of the user you currently have specified), and instead tick this box:


We fixed that already, with the aid of one of ctaklis. Thank you!!!


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