Some observations added to project some not

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In the app or website I can not add 3 of my observations to a project (Riverside Natural Area BioBlitz Spring 2023). 4 of my observations were added without issue.

Step 1: Go to “Your Observations”, select European Field Pansy (either one)

Step 2: Go to Project Box. It does not show the project name (Riverside Natural Area BioBlitz Spring 2023) and when I type it in the box outline is red.

Contrast this with

Step 3: Go to “Your Observations”, select Wintercresses

Step 4: Go to Project Box. It does show the project name (Riverside Natural Area BioBlitz Spring 2023) under the text box

All observations were in the same place so should meet the habitat criteria of the project

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This is a collection project, meaning observations will automatically be in the project if they meet all the project requirements.

The observation in your screenshot doesn’t meet the location requirement – it’s slightly east of the boundary for the project.