Can't add my observations to Project

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Step 1: I created a Project called “Test Bioblitz”

Step 2: I began uploading an observation. Went to ‘Add to projects’ . I can see the Project (there is a heading called Collection and Umbrella Projects) but there is no check box within which I can put a check mark.

Step 3: Also, when I had another user try this, they searched for the Project but could not find it at all. Can you help?

It’s a bioblitz, a collectional project, you can’t add observations manually in it. (As that’s what you describe in steps, topic is about joining though, and I joined it succesfully)


(changed the title to reflect the problem more clearly)

Yeah, observations can’t be added manually - they either meet the requirments or they don’t. I can also take a few minutes for a new observation to show up in a collection project.

I would also highly recommend not only accepting casual grade observations in your project (under data quality). Check out the Managing Projects page for more information about projects.

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