Adding ID of Taxon Results in Comment Stating IDer Disagrees with that Taxon

I read this closed topic , but I have a question that I don’t think it answers, which is why an ID of an active taxon results in a comment stating that the identifier disagrees with that active taxon. See this example:

I’m not quite sure what you mean here. The two species are different in the example you provided (same common name, different species), so a disagreement makes sense

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The first taxon (Lycogala terrestre) is inactive. It’s a disagreement because it is corrected to the new active taxon (Lycogala epidendrum).

Yes, it’s a disagreement with Lycogala terrestre. But the comment says it’s a disagreement with Lycogala epidendrum.

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Hmm, I hadn’t noticed that (my bad). I can only assume it’s because L. terrestre doesn’t ‘exist’ any more. If I type in L. terrestre as an ID, it will of course present me with L. epidendrum instead. My guess is that the same thing is happening here; an ID of X that disagrees with Y is presented as X disgreeing with X, because for all intents and purposes, Y no longer exists, but instead is X.


Previously reported here:


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