Adding obs to project: Didn't pass rule: must have a photo - but has photo

Has anyone seen the bug where an observation did not initially upload with a photo due to an app glitch. Then user gets to properly adding the photo (Yay!), but now we can’t add the observation to a project (that requires evidence) with the error message “Didn’t pass rule: must have a photo”?

It has a photo now, so you would think that would update and no longer restrict us from adding.

The observation in question is
and adding it to the Ohio Dragonfly Survey Project.

Is there anything I can do on my end if this happens again?

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Happens when I tried to add it too… but I have not struck this happening before.

I think I recall having something similar happen a while ago. I had to delete and reupload it multiple times to get it to work.

If the problem still persists, try faving and unfaving the observation (and then re-fave if so inclined!). According to staff, this forces an observation to be reindexed throughout the system, and might just fix this particular issue too. Wait about 5 minutes, then try adding to the project again.

As things are added and edited in iNaturalist, a lot of background data re-indexing takes place all the time to support all the query functions on iNaturalist, and most of it is queued and can take several hours to complete after a change. This is a way to make it happen faster for a single observation.

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same bug as

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Well, I tried favoriting and unfavoriting several times, but still no luck. It isn’t a super rare species, but I hope this doesn’t happen with something rare.

Looks like you got it added eventually! The other bug Jane linked to was also fixed.