Observations not uploading to a project

I joined a project (https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/ucsblooms-bioblitz-april-6-2019), that is an open no rules project except for a place. I have qualified (in the right place, same day as other members whose obs are in it) observations but my observations are not in it (https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/ucsblooms-bioblitz-april-6-2019/contributors/pataxte).
What’s the problem?

It looks like a traditional project that you need to add your observations to (blue tab upper right) 27%20PM

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yes, thanks, I added them manually. But why did this occur? I had joined the project before it started, which some others did and their observations loaded automatically. Hmmm

There is no way the others had their records automatically added to the project. This feature is not available for traditional projects. A small number of very old projects have it grandfathered in, but it is not available for newly created ones. More likely someone added the records for them.

Hi, this has also happened to me and I’m the Project Admin. My Observations will not add to the Project because it is not highlighted on the phone app. I have not been able to add my observations while using the phone app. I am listed as a member of the Project, too. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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