New project cannot be tagged for observations


When a friend of mine tries to add an observation to my new project, it does not appear as an option.
He has already joined the project.

Trying out a sample observation to add to the project as well, I have gotten the same issue. It looks like this:

The project is called COMO Uma Canggu. I have checked the project settings and they seem fine, but perhaps I have missed something anyway!

I’m truly hoping that someone here would know how to resolve this issue. I would really appreciate your help!



Your project is a collection project. Observations do not need to be added, in fact can not be manually added to these projects. All records that meet the project criteria, with a few exceptions related to obscured sightings are added automatically.

It will only show on the observation as being in the project if your friend has joined the project, and can take a minute or two to update.

The other possibility is that the observation does not meet the project rules but without sharing the observation that can’t be evaluated.

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@batfish93 I ran into exactly the same problem, resulting in this discussion, which includes a partial workaround:



Thanks for sharing @dlevitis but I think my issue is different. For other users, their observations are automatically added, but for me it is sometimes automatically added and sometimes requires manual adding.

This makes me wonder if automatic adding to projects was a recent function?



Thank you for the explanation @cmcheatle, it explains what happened for many of my friends.

However, for myself, the observation is sometimes not automatically added to a project and I have to add it in myself. Is this because I am an admin to multiple collection projects? Would be great to have the speculation confirmed. :)



Next time you encounter it, post links to the obs and the project, we might be able to see what is happening!


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