Adding old observations from other sources . . . an ideal winter activity

Just a reminder to new (or long time) iNaturalist users that any old photos you have can be added to iNaturalist, provided you have the correct date and location where the images were taken. On rainy/snowy days, you may want to go back through your old posts on Bugguide, Flickr, Facebook, computer files, and the like, and as long as they have accurate date and location, you could consider adding them to iNaturalst.


Yes! And iding! Help experts by researching info about what you may saw – it will help you next time you see something similar. Or id thousands of thousands of observations that need a little bit of help anyone can provide.


Yes! Over the last few weeks I’ve been adding cropped images from pictures I’ve taken from my travels. Luckily I mostly go to national parks and forests for vacation so there are quite a lot of trees or other plant life in the background of a quite few of my pictures. It’s actually really cool to see how much life there is in any given photo, and to see how much I missed before joining iNat. It’s also given me a fun goal of trying to have something from every national park and forest get to research grade. I’m especially trying to get conifers in those places, as well as a RG conifer in every state and country I’ve been to (though that is hard for some of the tropical locations).


It gets a bit easier when you know that podocarps are conifers. Easier still if you count cycads, too.


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