Adding photos and audio to an observation without creating a duplicate

Is there a way to add photos and sound in one observation without creating a duplicate? I created several duplicates because I wanted to add audio and that seemed the only way that I was able to do it. Can I delete the old observations without deleting the new ones that have photos and audio?

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You can definitely create or edit observations to have both photos and sounds. You can see all observations with both here.

However, it looks like you’ve already figured that out! You can delete the duplicate observations without also deleting others with the same media.


Why would you need to create a duplicate though? You can add them both in edit and using rectangular icon under photos (both clicking it and drag+drop works).
When you delete observation you only delete it, not duplicate.

it seems to me that if I want to add audio to an observation that has photos the audio option shows up when I duplicate it.

Instead of duplicating, use the button for adding media, or edit the observation.

App (at least for Android):

Desktop (2 options):

Hmm… what platform do you use? There is not much commonality of functions between the Android app, iOS app, and the website functions. So, the discrepancy you experience might be due to which way you add data (Android app, iOS app, web app, and iterations).

I have been told (more than once) not to use iOS devices to access the website as it is not “compatible” with mobile use. Sorry, that is all I have - I am not really a windows/android user. If it Apple products wont work, do something else is the message. Nah… not worth buying into all new equipment and platform simply to upload data to iNat.

You may find more solutions if you are not using iOS devices, though.

That’s weird considering how popular iOS devices are. I use a Macbook Pro. It would drive me crazy if I used my phone (a small Android.) Well I managed to find a way for the time being even if it’s time consuming.

I haven’t seen option #1 yet. I will have another look next time I submit an observation. I have been using option # 2 but I haven’t figure out how to use it without making a duplicate and then deleting the original observation so I am left with one that has photos and audio. Maybe you use a Microsoft operating system. Thanks!

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