Adding sound recording to observation in app closes observation without saving

Platform : iOS 14.8.1

App version number: 3.2.3 build 647

Description of problem:

  • Step 1: Create observation, either without media or with photo (in-app or from photo library)
  • Step 2: Add sound recording, press ‘save recording’ when finished
  • Step 3: Observation will briefly show two recordings before closing the observation without saving

This problem only occurs when adding a sound recording to an existing observation (i.e. observation started by recording sound will save properly). It happens whether or not the observation has been saved prior.

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Added a github report here:

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Please don’t make something as “solved” until the fix has actually been publicly released. The report I made just was just the next step in moving the bug report along.

I apologize. My misunderstanding

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No worries!

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This should be fixed in the latest bug fix release, out today - 3.2.4. Working for me.