Adding Superscript and Subscript buttons in the text editor

I have not used the “Preformatted text” button yet, so it may have the function that I am looking for. I was trying to quote text with subscripts on a reply to @robotpie on Help with understanding Entomological terms.

I think it would be useful to have superscripts and subscripts, especially when people get pieces of text from books that have those types of formatting. The subscript and the superscript buttons would go inbetween the Itailicized text button and the Hyperlink buttong, as seen in the screenshot.

It would work on both the web version and the app version.

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There are several text formatting options available that aren’t in the buttons above the typing area, including sup and sub:

sup and sub

<sup>sup</sup> and <sub>sub</sub>


Thanks! Is there a list of these options and other features that aren’t technically available but people can still use them if they have the correct syntax?

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See this tutorial:
(I notice that the <sub> and <sup> tags are not mentioned there yet.)


It’s a wiki, I’ve added them to the Text Formatting section


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